The relationship between dana and rufus in kindred

Kindred 's ending surprised me, namely the part where rufus tried to rape dana it was disturbing on so many levels that i had many mixed feelings for one thing, i've always thought of dana and rufus's relationship as sort of a parental one. The relationship among dana and rufus enlightens them on views prevalent to a time period which they both do not know much about dana not knowing the life of a slave, and rufus not knowing what life in the future will be like. Kindred by buy now from as rufus ages (the maryland years amount to hours and days in 1976 time), the relationship between him and dana takes on some terrifying dimensions: rufus simply cannot show the humanity dana tries to call forth dana, drawn into the life of slaves with its humiliation and atrocities, treads carefully, trying to.

As she time-travels between worlds, one in which she is a free woman and one where she is part of her own complicated familial history on a southern plantation, she becomes frighteningly entangled in the lives of rufus, a conflicted white slaveholder and one of dana’s own ancestors, and the many people who are enslaved by him. Dana is first called upon to save the life of the young rufus after he nearly drowns in a river this is the first time dana is transported to the 19th century and she has no idea who rufus is for the first time, dana actually comes in contact with the boy who will change her life forever and be the link between her and her ancestors as time goes on, dana grows up with rufus and becomes. In kindred the main character, dana, does not call her master, rufus, master rufus also treats her differently than other black slave women around him but the white men and black women couldn't make their relationship, because of the time period they were in.

Many of the characters in kindred resist classification in what ways does dana explode the slave stereotypes of the house-nigger, the handkerchief-head, the female uncle tom (p145) how does the relationship between dana and rufus develop how does it change what are the different levels of love portrayed in kindred 17. The similarities between dana's relationships with kevin and rufus are surprisingly many both are white men in love with her, and in the early nineteenth century they are both her protectors by. Throughout kindred by octavia butler we see the turbulent and complex relationship between dana and rufus as detailed in the panels below, rufus’ behavior is somewhat unpredictable and although at times his actions are admirable, as he grows older, the effects of slavery bring out his petulant and self-righteous side. Kindred octavia e butler, 1979 beacon press 264 pp isbn-13: 9780807083109 summary dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her new husband, when she is abruptly snatched from her home in present california and transported back to the antebellum south. In kindred, dana’s contact with sam and rufus’s jealousy leads to sam’s sale, which dana has to accept in order to protect herself, despite her moral outrage in the time machine , the time traveller inadvertently starts a forest fire while trying to protect weena and himself from the morlocks, actually resulting in weena’s death.

Dana’s own relationship with rufus exemplifies the relationship between master and slave rufus depends on dana for his survival, and she in turn depends upon him for her survival, while always aware that he can turn on her—and she on him. 40 quotes from kindred: ‘better to stay alive, i said i had thought my feelings were complicated because he and i had such a strange relationship but then, slavery of any kind fostered strange relationships now, somehow, alice would have to accept not only the loss of her husband, but her own enslavement rufus had caused her. Kindred by octavia butler all chapters study play what is the author of the book kindred what is dana and kevin's supposed relationship slave and slave master about how old is rufus in the fall what story do dana and rufus give to tom weylin to explain rufus's injuries at the beginning of the fight.

The relationship between dana and rufus in kindred

Kindred tells the story of dana franklin, a black woman who is suddenly whisked back in time from 1976 to pre-civil war maryland in 1815 this novel is a beautifully elegant analysis of a not-so-beautiful period in american history. I am a responsible, accountable, and reliable worker i believe in good and hard work ethic i always try my best to strive and to excel towards the goals that i want to accomplish in my life. Dana thinks she is special, and that her relationship with rufus is unique once she realizes this is not the case, she is shocked she has to learn to understand that slavery does not value the individual slavery does not tend to produce singularity.

  • Where, if any, is there evidence of dana's influence on the young rufus in his adult character 8 of the slaves' attitude toward rufus, dana observes strangely, they seemed to like him, hold him in contempt, and fear him at the same time.
  • The family bond between rufus and dana is the driving force of the story, as dana travels back in time to save rufus each time he is trouble, because she has to keep rufus alive so that he can bear the child that will continue dana’s family line yet family is.
  • The relationship between rufus and dana in kindred goes against every expectation that a person would have of a black woman and a white man in the antebellum south they rely on each other in a time period when african americans weren’t even thought of as people.

Read kindred free essay and over 88,000 other research documents kindred the character of rufus is a very important one in this book because the relationship that he shares with dana is a subliminal characterization of the relationship between people of different races at the time. I felt almost as strange as i had after my first trip back to rufus - caught between his home and mine” (pg 115 here dana comments on how disorienting it is to return to 1976, when she seems to have spent weeks in 1819. On one end, you have the slaves protecting their loved ones from being sold, and on the other hand you have the strong bond between the main characters rufus and dana family can be described in many ways, a close relationship among a group of people through blood or even non-biological friends.

the relationship between dana and rufus in kindred Dana moves between worlds: one in which she is a free woman and another where she is part of a complicated familial history on a southern plantation, forced to interact with and save the life of.
The relationship between dana and rufus in kindred
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