Different ethnic groups in nigeria essay

Sample essay words 1,320 this essay presents some ethnical differences between nigeria and united states nigeria is very different from united states because its ethnic diversity is not separate like in united sates but it is intermingled and integrated to a very large extent, however all the races and ethnic groups retain their language customs and other ideals very seriously, and this. 23 situation of ethnic groups and languages in nigeria 231 language versus dialect nigeria has at least five hundred languages, although the exact number remains unknown since new. The ammount of ethnic variety found within the borders of nigeria is both dazzling and confusing depending on the report, 250 to 400 or more different ethnic groups can be identified, however, three main ethnic groups dominate the political sphere. Starting high school is like stepping into mini snapshots of life there are many different ethnic groups to interact with, peers to build bonds with, academic pressures, and life changing situations that you will face that correlate with the real world.

I wont be able to discuss all the ethnic nationalities in the country due to constraints but some major ethnic groups across the geographical spread of nigeria and how they dress will be underscored in this list. Nigeria is very rich in culture various ethnic groups in nigeria have their own culture the durbar festival in the various emirates of the north of nigeria symbolizes strength and dexterous skills in riding of horses. The official population count of each of nigeria's ethnicities has always remained controversial and disputed as members of different ethnic groups believe the census is rigged to give a particular group (usually believed to be northern groups) numerical superiority.

Ethnic conflicts continued to escalate through the democratic transition in nigeria, as various ethnic groups demanded political restructuring the federal structure has developed deep cracks and demands urgent action to fix it. At the time of the last census, there were approximately 250 different ethnic groups in nigeria, with many different languages, customs, and religions due to this rich ethnic diversity, the nigerian identity is very heterogeneous. Various ethnic groups in nigeria have their own culture the durbar festival in the various emirates of the north of nigeria symbolizes strength and dexterous skills in riding of horses durbars are called up during religious festivals like id el’ fitri and id el kabir. Nigeria has about 250 different ethnic groups each with its own culture and language english and french are the official language although recently it’s most nigerians second language violent clashes continue between groups.

Nigeria is a country with different cultures, ethnic groups but has still managed to stay as one despite constant calls for secession we bring you the list of the 371 ethnic groups scattered across the country. The civil wars in nigeria, rwanda, uganda and burundi, among others, can be attributed to the contest between different ethnic communities over the control of the apparatus of state and government for the allocation of the national pie. In northern nigeria, clashes between muslim groups—mainly ethnic hausa and fulani—and christian and traditionalist communities have become a monthly affair, with devastating consequences. Comparison: because of the different histories, the ethnic groups of the two countries are also different many people in usa are originally from europe.

Ethnic groups will bring nothing more than poor ethnic relations habits to campus and future graduates workplaces causing only a decline in ethnic relations popular essays the barber's trade union summary. In the same vein, many ethnic groups may use the same language to case communication, as is the case of the smaller ethnic groups in the north of nigeria, where hausa has become more or less a lingua franca. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic society, consisting of different ethnic nationalities joined together by the lord luggard amalgamation of 1914 although these groups co-exist, their ethnic and cultural values are different.

Different ethnic groups in nigeria essay

Bantu essay the bantu people of the african continent include some 400 different ethnic groups that cover most of sub-saharan africa and speak a tongue from a common language group the first time the word bantu (meaning “people” in many bantu languages) was used in its current sense was by dr wilhelm bleek in his book a comparative. Nigeria is a country of “great diversity,” due to various amounts of the ethnic groups (see society and culture p5)there are more than 250 ethnic groups that are influenced by politics and popularity. Nigeria is really rich in civilization various cultural groups in nigeria have their ain civilization the durbar festival in the assorted emirates of the north of nigeria symbolizes strength and deft accomplishments in equitation of equus caballuss.

  • This is a concise essay on the culture of different ethnic groups in nigeria, west africa i hope to paint a mosaic of the traditions and activities to readers.
  • (a) state four reasons for the migration of different ethnic groups in ghana [4 marks] (b) suggest four ways of sustaining peace and unity among the different ethnic groups in ghana.
  • According to the literature, nigeria is a typical heterogeneous type of society that is composed of different ethnic groups which in some instances also subscribe to different religious beliefs moreover, the essay takes a keen look at the political system that has been prevalent in the nigerian society since it earned its independence from the.

3 ethnicity: the ethnic composition of nigeria ethnicity is a term not easily defined and for proper understanding of the concept related terms requires description an ethnic group is regarded as an informal interest group whose members are distinct from the members of other ethnic groups within the larger society because they share kinship. Nigeria essay while the free the yoruba in the south and the west, and ibo in south and the east the hausa, ibo, and yoruba are the major ethnic group of nigeria, but also refer to the kingom’s name and the culture and language of the area 1991) but as different ethnic groups constitue specific regions in nigeria, so do religions. Religious and customary laws in nigeria islamic and customary laws in nigeria this essay concludes with suggestions for the way forward there are more than 250 ethnic groups in nigeria and within these groups are distinctive subgroups and communities1 this heterogeneous ethnic character exists across the country although, the hausa. Religious and ethnic groups islam religious groups differ from other religious groups in different ways islam is the belief that the purpose of their existence is to love and serve god.

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Different ethnic groups in nigeria essay
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